My Feeding Journey: Alashandra's Story

Name: Alashandra

How many children do you have: 5 children 2 boys than 3 girls

Ages of children: 9, 7, 6, 4, & 22 months

Describe your feeding journey with your 5th child in one word: Emotional

Why? I had been successful in breast feeding my boys till 9 months and my first two girls till 18 months. When my third daughter was born she was not a happy baby and that's putting it lightly. For the first four months of her life all she would do is scream in pain. She would nurse then scream till she ran out of steam. After short fitful naps she would be back at it again. Doctors performed all sorts of tests and could find nothing wrong. 

At this time I was also dealing with Postpartum Depression. Both of these things are difficult to deal with, but put them together and you get a complete disaster.  I felt like the worst mother ever and continually apologized to the baby, because obviously she deserved better.

After two months of the screaming I called my mother and begged her to fly out. I was drained physically and emotionally. After a few days helping she understood why I was struggling. Nothing could be done to soothe my little girl. At my mother's suggestion I went off dairy in case she was having reactions to it in my breast milk. A week later things improved! 

What was the most challenging part? Not being able to breastfeed longer.

What did you find enjoyable or rewarding? Seeing my baby girl out of pain and start to develop and reach her milestones while before she wasn't able to do so.

What do you wish you knew then that you know now? Just because your feeding journey doesn't happen how you dreamed doesn't mean that you have failed. You only fail if you don't do what's best for you and your baby in your situation. 

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